Detroit Reads!

Why you should read ...

Reading equals self-confidence, empowerment, better health and economic growth.

Adult Literacy Services @ the Detroit Public Library

  • Literacy skills assessment
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • GED and TABE preparation
  • Computer skills training
  • Tutor training and certification
  • Learner practice kits
  • Resources for literacy service providers
  • Books to improve your reading, writing and comprehension skills

Learn to read or improve your reading skills

Do you want to learn to read or become a better reader?

Our tutoring is free. The books are free.

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Become a volunteer tutor

Detroit Public Library’s Literacy Program needs tutor volunteers for two-hour sessions per week to help adults improve their reading skills.

Our tutor training workshops provide information and strategies for teaching students how to read or improve their reading and comprehension skills.

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