Coleman A. Young Mayoral Papers Project

Commemorative bumper sticker, "The Pope and I, Polish and proud"
April 21, 2014
When Shepherd One touched down at Detroit Metropolitan Airport,  the plans that had taken most of the year kicked in. Clockwork precision was required to make certain that Pope John Paul II was able to visit all the scheduled sites. Hundreds of...
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Coleman Young greeting Pope John Paul II
April 3, 2014
In January 1987, Edmund Szoka, then Archbishop of Detroit, received the news that Pope John Paul II would visit Detroit during his 1987 U.S. tour.  Detroit had been left out of the original trip itinerary.  The decisions about which cities...
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Coleman Young as baseball player on Wheaties cereal box
March 18, 2014
As previously mentioned in this blog, Coleman A. Young was a robust baseball fan. The Detroit Tigers were his home team and he was always willing to back up the boys of summer when they were vying for a hotly contested prize.  The 1987 American...
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G. Wendy Hilliard letterhead and Olympic Committee logo
March 6, 2014
In keeping with the Olympic spirit, Detroit suited up to play its part. The Motor City’s bid for Olympic glory met with mixed results. Several attempts were made to woo the Olympic Site Selection Committee in the hopes of being selected to host the...
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Erma Henderson, Rosa Park, Coleman Young, Desmond Tutu, Nomalizo Tutu
February 18, 2014
No more fitting commemoration of Black History Month can be found in this collection than the photos taken during Desmond Tutu’s visit to the Motor City.  Tutu's effort to raise money, spread awareness, and encourage universal condemnation for...
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Eastern High School graduation photo and program
February 6, 2014
By its nature, virtually everything that is processed in the official papers of Detroit’s first African American mayor can be considered a part of Black History Month.  The first is a photograph sent to Mayor Young by a classmate showing him...
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Postcards written to Coleman Young
January 24, 2014
Few knew that old saying as well as Mayor Young -- if the letters he received from the citizens of Detroit were any indication.  The vast majority of correspondence gave voice to legitimate concerns or proposed serious and considered solutions...
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Christmas cards sent to Coleman A. Young
January 10, 2014
As one might expect, the mayor of a major city like Detroit is remembered by many folks during the holiday season.  All walks of life sent cheerful holiday greetings to His Honor.  Business leaders like Lee Iacocca, Henry Ford II, Alfred...
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Nelson Mandela and Coleman Young
December 12, 2013
This special blog is dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela. Responding to domestic and international pressure, the South African government released Nelson Mandela from Victor Verster Prison on February 11, 1990. A few months later, he embarked...
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White House invitation to Coleman Young
December 6, 2013
In our blog dated August 7, 2013, we examined a day in the life of Mayor Young through the invitations he received.  We looked at ten separate requests for his time that included attendance at meetings, speaking engagements, grand openings, and...
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