Coleman A. Young Mayoral Papers Project

October 29, 2014
The processing of the Coleman A. Young Mayoral Papers nears completion.  An audit of the finding aid will be the last step before cleaning out our desks.  In a delirium of I-96 construction fever, this project will come in ahead of...
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Coleman A. Young
September 24, 2014
At last, the long anticipated day came for Detroit’s national exposure on ABC’s Prime Time Live. To be aired in the same program were segments examining our impending ramp-up to the first Gulf War, Desert Storm, and another exploring behind-the-...
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Coleman A. Young
September 18, 2014
What was arguably the most controversial media event during the Mayor’s tenure in Detroit, was a piece aired on the ABC national network show, "Prime Time Live" on November 8, 1990.  Earlier in the year, the New York Times magazine had...
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Seasons greetings from Zambia Airways
September 2, 2014
As can be imagined, the Mayor’s office was bombarded daily with letters asking for special favors.  From time to time, a request surfaced that distinguished itself from the normal plea for a timely refuse pick-up, better street lighting, or a...
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Peoples Temple letter
August 19, 2014
Among the saddest letters in the papers of Mayor Coleman Young were received from two dedicated church workers.  The first, from Karen Layton, dated July 2, 1974, introduces the Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ.  Outlining the...
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Letter regarding Detroit Institute of Arts privatization
July 23, 2014
Over the years, political leadership has struggled to find answers to the financial troubles that have, unfortunately, plagued Detroit for several decades.  The Coleman Young administration took on the crisis from several angles.  A...
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Vertical Take-off and Landing Craft
July 8, 2014
As noted in past blogs, the Mayor’s Office in Detroit was the beneficiary of a number of unsolicited communications.  Among them are suggestions on how to run the Mayor’s Office, musical tributes to the City, and a multitude of invitations to...
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Coleman Young with Belinda Bauer, Charles Durning and Donald Sutherland
June 18, 2014
Following commercial success of the novel, The Rosary Murders,  New Line Cinema expanded the franchise to include a feature-length film.  The story was set in Detroit.  Wishing to maintain authenticity, studio President Robert G....
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William Kienzle program, sponsored by Friends of the Detroit Public Library
June 4, 2014
A series of folders in the manuscript collection of Mayor Coleman A. Young contained memorabilia from a film that was shot in the city. Once completed, The Rosary Murders movie even premiered in Detroit at a gala event.  But before it became a...
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New Detroit memo
May 14, 2014
Alan Hurwitz didn’t come from a life of deprivation and he didn’t lack passion for his work.  By all accounts, until his arrest in 1992, Alan Hurwitz was a well-respected educator who was driven to help underprivileged kids get a good education...
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